Commercial Property Services

Commercial Property Services

Property Maintenance Services for all seasons.

Snow & Ice Maintenance

Hiring professional and dilligent contractors is of utmost importance when it comes to safety of customers and staff.

Green Season

Lawn Maintenance can be included in your Yearly Package price, should you request this service.

Litter Service

Managing litter and waste around the property shouldn't be your problem, and it doesn't need to be. We can manage your waste removal services for you, with our constant-care package.

While on site, our staff will be dilligent to remove any debris they come across.

Snow & Ice Management

Winter Services are an important part of a complete Property Management Program.

In Ontario, where we have four seasons, all-season commercial service may include lawn maintenance, gardening, weeding, liter & waste management services, gutter clean-out as well of course, snow clearing, ice management and repairs to curbs and asphalt after the winter season is over.

Industry Standards

Don't be fooled by low-lying fruit. There are many fly-by-night contractors in this field and you don't want to be disappointed, come winter!

Our expert team will be there when you need us, with the right equipment and staffing to ensure your property and business stays open and safe!

Service Level

We are proud to offer Industry Standard Service Level, though it is important to discuss this with us so that we understand the particular needs of your property.

Zero-tolerance snow contracts require a high degree of care. Our teams work in rotation to provide 24-hour services throughout the storm.

Commercial Sidewalk Operations

Keep them Safe! Zero Tolerance Level Service. Sidewalks and entrances are of utmost importance. Make sure these areas are kept clean. We offer services catered specifically to focus on these areas, as well as sub-contracting for other maintenance companies in the area.

Weather Watch

We constantly watch the weather trends and predictions for incoming inclement weather. We also connect with other contractors in the area to stay on top of the storm and keep you and your property safe!

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